Here’s My Son’s New Summer Single

Hello everyone!

I’m always so happy to release a new song by my son, Jamie M. Harrison, and I wanted to share his new track with you. All of the Love Songs just dropped Friday, April 22, 2022 at midnight Eastern Time on all streaming platforms. The track was released on my label, 829 Records, and it is nominated for 2 New Mexico Music Awards: Adult Contemporary/Adult Pop, and Best Vocal Performance.

Here is the track’s lyric video.

The piece captures the tradition of expressive, beautiful summer songs. It’s perfect for the coming season when romance is often in the air.

Jamie wrote, arranged, and sang lead vocals on the track. He also played the guitars, keyboards as well as produced and mixed the track.

Drummer Richard Reed and Bassist Guy Lagerway created a phenomenal groove that has just enough kick to give the piece the right feel..

Recording engineers Jerry Douglas Geist, John Carpenter, and Chuck Lucero brought great fidelity and ambience to the track.

As always, Trevor Sadler killed it with the mastering process.

Jamie’s mom, Glinda Harrison, and I were the executive producers. We tried to help guide and oversee the project to help the song and the process be the best both could be.

And, View Maniac did a terrific job for the lyric video and the cover art.

For me, here’s the fun part: I was able to sing backup vocals with Jamie in the studio for this track. I know the backing vocals don’t sound like the way you’ve heard my voice before, but I am a being of many voices, LOL.

I hope you enjoy the track. Please spread the word and stay safe out there.

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