Let The Mastering Begin

Hello everyone,

Mastering engineer Trevor Sadler, who has mastered records for such artists as Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Ramsey Lewis and others, now has all the materials necessary to embark on mastering and remastering my 2nd album reissue. And, I am thrilled to announce the news that the process is beginning. 

The first task is to remaster the Conversation record, the 2nd Skafish album that was released by I.R.S. Records in September 1983.

 After that, there are the tracks recorded in early November 1982 that need to be mastered. These are the recordings that were fiercely rejected by I.R.S. Records for being too controversial to release. These are not demos, but are fully developed studio master recordings, and they have never been previously released.

All of these tracks were recorded at Pumpkin Studios in the Chicago area with two-time Grammy Award nominee Gary Loizzo engineering. 

I not only regained the rights to these recordings, but I also have all of the tapes, including the original 2-track masters. The tapes have been successfully transferred to Pro Tools to be able to master from.

These recordings encompass so many diverse styles of music, ranging from an operatic solo sung by my mother to some of the most defiantly rebellious tracks the band ever recorded.

As we’re getting closer to 40 years from the time the Conversation album and the tracks that were rejected were recorded, I am beyond delighted and utterly grateful that I will finally be able to share the music with you. 

I refuse to think of my 2nd album reissue in a stereotypic way, where the common thinking is that an artist must keep a project within limited and predictable parameters. That’s so it can fit within the current level of what is acceptable to the world in general. 

Even though this package will include tracks featuring more disparity than most artists attempt in an entire career, I’m simply putting it out there for the fans, my band, along with everyone else who worked on it, the world and me.

I will be sharing all of the updates with you and I also want to thank all of you here for your support. 

FYI: I will be sharing additional news regarding this project, including the addition of two extra yet to be announced bonus tracks that I hope every Skafish fan will love!

If you have any thoughts, please share them.

Be well and stay safe,



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