And my next project is…

Hello everyone,

Now that my debut album with the bonus track Sink Or Swim has been successfully reissued digitally, on CD, and vinyl, I am excited to share the news of what’s coming next with all of you!

The next major Skafish project will be an expanded, uncensored reissue of my Conversation album. (FYI, I may release some singles unrelated to Conversation in the meantime.)

It is still in the early stages, but here’s what my plans are so far for this release:

1-The original Conversation album that was released in September 1983, remastered.

2-The rejects. These are the previously unreleased tracks that were vehemently rejected by IRS Records because they were considered too controversial for release. I think that these are among the edgiest and most envelope-pushing recordings from that era. All of the rejected tracks will need to be mastered.

3-Bonus Tracks (to be determined).

I have started planning the remastering/mastering process with Trevor Sadler, and will look at what the best format options would be.

I’ve been listening to all of these tracks quite a bit lately when I’m exercising. I usually listen to whatever Skafish project is in progress while doing my daily weight training.

I love all of these tracks for very different reasons! There is such an indescribable level of diversity, that it’s hard to imagine that one artist did them all, especially during a short time frame.

As many of you have heard me say, the whole process of my second album was turbulent, and emotionally overwhelming for me then. Not only was most of the original record I turned in rejected, but IRS Records forced me into making an album that fit their more narrow standards.

In addition to that, it was largely considered by the fans and the press that I sold out by trying to make a more commercial album than I had with my debut. Since that was something I simply did not do, it was, at the time, a hard pill to swallow hearing this and reading it in the press.

This was decades before social media, which would have allowed me to directly set the record straight as opposed to having other people draw conclusions about what happened that weren’t true and put them out there as fact.

But now, after all this time, I am truly thrilled to finally be able to offer both sides of this project to the fans: The Conversation album that was originally released, and the music they (IRS Records) wouldn’t let you hear.

In the meantime, please give me your feedback on what you would like to see happen with this project — and on my end, I will be happy to keep you posted.

This is going to be an interesting one – and thanks for making this ever-unfolding journey with me!


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4 Replies to “And my next project is…”

  1. Jay – thanks much for your comment – I am excited about this project because it can finally offer the whole picture of what really happened then! I will keep you posted!

  2. While I like “Conversation,” it was much more “restrained” than the debut album. Yet your presence and performance was still very Skafish! How could it be anything but? Color me intrigued by “Both Sides Of The Conversation” being mooted and existing in tandem with the original IRS album.

  3. Post Punk Monk: It was the record company that forced me into a more narrow vision of what they wanted, but I truly appreciate your acknowledgment of the record. Many of the tracks they vehemently rejected are among the most out there and edgiest that we did. I can’t wait to share it all with you!!!

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