Debut Album VINYL Release Date

I am pleased to announce that the worldwide vinyl reissue of my remastered debut album (with Sink or Swim) will be on May 7th, 2020. This is exactly 40 years to the day of its original release date back in 1980.

I am certainly sensitive to the COVID-19 crisis that has affected the entire world, and I had considered postponing the vinyl project for the time being. However, I have been planning this for several years with the hope that the vinyl reissue could commemorate its original release date. As many of you already know, the initial 1980 release of the album was astrologically calculated, and I wanted the vinyl reissue to pay tribute to that detail.

I’ve chosen to move forward with my original plan and go ahead with the release. While we have already released the album digitally and on CD, there are a number of fans who have been patiently waiting for the vinyl to be reissued. I wanted to make sure that the album is available on vinyl for those Skafish fans who would like to have the record. It is my hope that this album can help to provide a sense of emotional connection to assist in these times of needed self-isolation and high stress.

I went to great detail to make sure that everything was done to the highest industry standards possible when it came to preparing and manufacturing the vinyl. I absolutely wanted to be able to offer something fantastic for my fans! I was lucky that I picked up the records from Smashed Plastic in Chicago (where they were pressed) on March 4th, before the need for self-quarantine came into play.

There is more news to follow, including special features of the vinyl reissue, cover and artwork reveal, and pre-order options!

Thanks always for your support and our connection – it means so much to me!

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