No, I’m not in the version of Urgh being screened by the Chicago Film Society  


The pictures used in this post were taken at the Chicago premier of Urgh! A Music War, June, 1982.
Photos: Paul Natkin.

RE Urgh! A Music War being shown in Chicago this July: I’ve asked everybody to stop contacting me about this because I am not in this particular version of the film being shown.

The Chicago Film Society is screening a much edited down version with many bands removed and I am edited out as well. As my fans have said, “So much for authenticity.”

Had I been in this version and had I been asked, I would have been happy to introduce the film and do a Q&A, because my band is the only Chicago act that was featured in Urgh!.

People have been frantically checking their DVD’s to see if Sign of the Cross by Skafish is included. The answer is yes. My band is included in the DVD.

You can pick up a copy of the DVD-R by Warner Brothers from Amazon. And, if you’re interested in hearing the history of that version and how I’m not getting paid anything for it, check out my blog post here.  And, yes, I was in that edit.


4 Replies to “No, I’m not in the version of Urgh being screened by the Chicago Film Society  ”

  1. From what it sounds like, the decision to edit the film came from Warner who owns the rights. It doesn’t sound like these people screening can make that call. I would guess they got the only print that was available to them.

  2. James – thanks for your comment. Warner Brothers is not the only owner of the film – there are multiple owners. Also, the film has had many edits throughout the decades and various ones (including the full length movie) have been shown in theaters.

  3. what an outrage! urgh, indeed. good thing i taped it off of night flight back in ’85 . . .

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