Coming To The End


I’ve got good news to report. The mastering is almost done! My mastering engineer, Trevor Sadler, and I have been working diligently on this project with the same two objectives in mind that have been there from the very beginning of this project:

First, I am committed to remaining authentic to the original vision and recording of the first Skafish album. Second, at the same time, attaining the highest audio quality and fidelity possible is essential.

Some of you have asked the question of why we were mastering from both never-before-played vinyl and the final studio tape mixes. I’ve had people wonder why I felt the need to master from both sources.

There are several important reasons why we used both. First, we wanted to see which medium provided the best sound. And, it is clear that the tapes offer superior sound quality.

However, the flat vinyl master still continues to provide a valuable purpose. That transfer is the exact record everyone has heard and is familiar with since 1980. It is authentic.

So, with the intention of remaining true to the spirit of the original album, we have been able to compare the new studio tape master to the original flat vinyl transfer. That comparison gives us a solid, objective reference point to keep navigating from. It is a lot of extra work, but I feel it is necessary to get everything done correctly.

While we are putting the final touches on re-mastering, I wanted to let you know about something coming up soon where I will need your input. I am creating a survey. This survey is only for only those who are planning on buying the album (and not for those who don’t intend to purchase the record).

If you are planning to buy the album, I need to know what you want. Would you like the album to be available on vinyl, CD, digital, or in other formats? Are you interested in a limited edition re-release? Do you want signed copies? And, there will other questions as well.

Since this pressing will initially only be available through crowdfunding and pre-orders, I want to make sure that we get the numbers right. Please stay tuned for the survey – I am working on it!

As you may already know, I finally have over 250 followers on Spotify! Therefore, I can apply to gain control of my artist account there. Thanks to all of you who have followed me there and who have spread the word. This means that I will have more control of what I can offer to you on Spotify. Also, please add my music to playlists on Spotify. It is a great help.

In the meantime, please spread the word about my music on social media. Spreading the word about Skafish is a subterranean grassroots movement that all of you are a vital part of.

It is so exciting to finally be able to see that we’re really coming to the end of the re-mastering process. It has been a lot of work — and well worth it for my fans. I will be in touch.

With gratitude,

14 Replies to “Coming To The End”

  1. Christine — Make sure to leave that comment on the survey when that comes out. I greatly appreciate you spreading the word — Jim

  2. Hey Jim!

    I don’t have the resources to resources to enjoy Vinyl, and I no longer own a CD player. I would love to purchase a lossless digital format version. FLAC or High Bit Rate MP3 would be best for me.

    Can’t wait to hear!

  3. Sky — stay tuned — I am working on this as we speak — please spread the word — can’t wait to share with you! Jim

  4. Joe — I am thrilled to be able to make the album available for you! SIgn up for my Guestbook at to get the news or check back here on the blog!!! Thanks, Jim

  5. Simon — Thanks for thank — I will be doing a survey coming up to find out exactly what everyone wants for the re-release. It would be great if you put your request in the survey, too!

  6. Hi Jim, I met you an Barbie when you opened for another Jim in Detroit.
    The 3 of us drove to Iggy’s after party in my Chevy Van.
    You and Barbie were great to hang with. I have remained a fan & followed your career. I give my belated condolences to you as I was truly saddened by Barbie being called home.
    Of course I own the vinyl copy, my favorite track is “We’ll See A Psychiatrist”. So master that one to the extreme, Barbie was at her best.
    I would cherish a signed LP or CD and would download it as well. Which brings up the fact that “We’ll See A Psychiatrist” cannot be found on the internet anywhere. You gotta address that so more people can enjoy it.
    Thanks for the memory Jim!!!!

  7. Hey Bob — Woah — the Iggy tour was fantastic and it was great that you were there with Barbie and me. We love and miss her!!!! Right now, the 1st album project is in process. It has already been re-mastered! If you want to support the project, sign up for my newsletter and that way, you won’t miss any of the news. Best to you — Jim

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