BOOTLEG 21-35 Contest Winners Announced!

It’s time. I know I said that I was going to select 10 random winners.


Because of how truly touched I was by everyone’s unique and thoughtful posts, I’ve made a change in plans. Instead, there will be no drawing.

I’ve decided that EVERYONE IS A WINNER! That’s right! Everyone who posted a comment on my blog for the contest will win a free collectible download card with a unique code to be able to download BOOTLEG 21-35 in its entirety for free from

Please check your email so you can reply with your mailing address so your gift can be sent right out to you. Again, I deeply appreciate all of your words — Skafish

5 Replies to “BOOTLEG 21-35 Contest Winners Announced!”

  1. Skafish knows the way!
    Thank you sir
    I would love to record with you
    Napo Camassa III aka Zenlo The Cometh from London UK

  2. I received my card (and a very nice note) in the mail today. I immediately downloaded the album and cranked it through the stereo! What a performance! Thank you so much for your generosity, Jim!

    -Andrew from Seattle

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