BOOTLEG 21-35 Giveaway Contest!

I’ve been itching to do a giveaway, so let’s do it!

Ten lucky winners will win a collectible download card with a unique code to be able to download BOOTLEG 21-35 in its entirety for free from

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is to leave a comment here on this blog post that says why you wanna win!

This is the first giveaway for this project and the contest ends May 7, 2013 at 11:59 PM, United States Central Time. Enter now, and I hope you win – Skafish

BOOTLEG 21-35, is the very first official live Skafish album. This recording documents Skafish’s 21st birthday party performance at Ratso’s in Chicago on August 29, 1977. The concert spotlights avant-garde musical concepts and an aesthetic vision that began in 1973, and features songs that were mostly composed and first performed throughout the Chicago area in 1976. This music, (along with the groundbreaking tracks from What’s This? 1976-1979), gave birth to the Chicago punk, new wave, alternative, indie, and underground scene, and helped to co-create these art forms internationally.

The bootleg concert consists of 27 total songs, 15 of which are original Skafish compositions that have never been released in any form prior. The album also offers 8 new Skafish-narrated commentary tracks that accurately capture the historical events of that time period. The album was first released digitally on August 29, 2012, thirty-five years to the day of the original concert.

58 Replies to “BOOTLEG 21-35 Giveaway Contest!”

  1. I’d like to win so I can listen to, study, and enjoy this important piece of punk rock history!

  2. I’d like to win because I’ve been a Skafish fan since 1982! Being a gay teen in the South sucked, but your music made it bearable, even fun, to be defiantly unique.

  3. If I don’t win, I’ll haul you onto the Maury Povich Show to prove that you are my father!

  4. I wanna win because I am a HUGE Skafish fan! I will admit that I bought Bootleg 21-35 when it first was available and I love it!-but I must have that collectible download card! I know many music fans of all ages and I know a women in her twenties who does not have the Bootleg, but would love it. If I win I am going to let her use the code to download the album and I will keep the collectible card. New music fans need to hear Skafish!

  5. Ever since I saw you holding the thurible and asking your audience whether or not they wanted to go to heaven, I was hooked. Skafish was one of the high-points of the ‘Urgh’ movie which was what I consider one of the best music movies ever made. I’ve been a fan ever since. Had your first album on cassette which was destroyed by a hyper-vigilant car stereo. I lost the second album to a flood.
    Great, now I’m sad:(

  6. Chris! I don’t want you to be sad — it all comes back around again, and I also love Urgh! — Doing it was a moment when we gave it our all, as we always did — Jim Skafish

  7. I was lucky enough to win a digital download of this album last year when Jim was a guest on the WJOB “Flying Around The Sun” show. It is a n excellent audio snapshot. I wish that the “Skafish” and “Conversation” (with both “as originally submitted” and “as released” versions) albums would be released on CD.

  8. If I should win, it would be a Wild Night Tonight! If I don’t win….In Another Time, In Another Place!

  9. I lived in Chicago in 1978 and used to love to go to Skafish shows! Such a KILLER band! Still have my Skafish button!

  10. Ken F! I hope to get it all out there — Glad you were there for WJOB — Jim Skafish

  11. Jeff Tune! Those buttons — love ’em — glad you were there with us back in the day — Jim Skafish

  12. I wanna win so my good friends Razor & Di of the Razor & Di Show – WLUW Chicago – AND my daughter Penny, will SHUT UP about my ‘old man’ attitude about Punk Rock! This album oughtta do it! Rock On Skafish!

  13. Keith! Now this is an album that can still raise some high eyebrows and put ’em in their place — Jim Skafish

  14. I was first introduced to Skafish back in 1980. I used to listen to the radio station at the college that I went to, Brooklyn College. The first album got a lot of airplay on that station and I remember requesting songs from it pretty regularly, which they always played. I also entered a contest at that radio station and won tickets to see Skafish at the Bottom Line in NY as well as the opportunity to meet Jim and the whole band. Jim, you were very gracious in greeting us and taking the time to talk to us at a time when I was beginning to discover what I liked in music (and realizing that it had nothing to do with the forcefed stuff I grew up with on local New York AM radio…). Going backstage at the Bottom Line to meet the headlining act was a big deal and you and your music absolutely were part of my growth in my love of music. So, although I don’t know that I “deserve” to win this giveaway, I certainly will enjoy the music!

  15. Harold Scott! I am touched by your words — I am honored that I have been in some way a part of your experience — thank you for sharing it with me — Jim Skafish

  16. I’d like to win so I can listen to it on my player while I’m grocery shopping !!! Waddupdough Jimmy? We’re still alive !!!

  17. why i’d like to win?..Jim’s music is with me since his first vinyl…and I have a regret: missed his concert in France in the 80’s..(.but is it a good reason? in fact it’s fun to play! thank you Jim!


  18. Marc! I had some great times in France – hope to be back there someday. Glad you’ve made the journey with me — Jim Skafish

  19. There were so many bands back then that I was trying to complete collections of (Killing Joke, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Stranglers etc …), that YOUR music (along with a bunch of others) fell through the cracks. I had seen the first LP tons of times (“I’ll get it NEXT time …”) and then it completely disappeared from my area record stores. 🙁 I love everything I’ve heard, (I DO have the I.R.S. comp with “Disgracing The Family Name” – which I flippin’ LOVE) but it just never happened for me – but I could at least watch “Sign Of The Cross” on YouTube! Then, I saw you on Flying Around The Sun and my interest was renewed! You rock, Jim!

  20. Hey Larry! We are here now and that’s what counts — the message and the saga continues — Jim Skafish

  21. Jim-I used to play Maybe One Time regularly on my radio show in college on WHRW at SUNY Binghamton. I loved that tune. Michael

  22. Michael! Thank you so much! There is a version I just love of Maybe One Time on the bootleg — Jim Skafish

  23. The first time I saw or heard Skafish was on the URGH movie, and to this day I think Sign Of The Cross is one of the best performances in a film loaded with amazing music.

  24. Mike! Urgh was a moment I cherish. From years of religious abuse to blasting it in a Christin Colosseum in front of around 20 thousand, everything lined up just right — Jim Skafish

  25. I want to win because I love your music! You are a very unique talent that deserves wider recognition. I am honored to be on your friend’s list on Facebook. You are a very kind and nice guy.

  26. Jim Skafish has been a huge musical influence on me. Back in 1976 Rick Neilsen said to me and my guitarist at the time. “You two weirdos need to go see Skafish” we took that advice and never looked back.

  27. I LOVE Skafish, both the music & the man! I need some new sounds in my life and this would fit purrrrrfectly <3

  28. You’re so gracious!!! Thank you for your CD, Jim. I’m so glad you’re doing this. I love your music.

  29. So sorry I did not see this until now. Jim, thanks for how personal you are with your fans. We love you as much as you love us. Best always, Matt.

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