“Set 1: Tracks 7-11” (Video Commentary Track 5 From BOOTLEG 21-35)

“Set 1: Tracks 7-11” is the fifth video in a series of nine clips (including the complete version), which tell the story of the new Skafish release, “BOOTLEG 21-35,” the first ever official live Skafish album.

In this clip, I talk about the musical, conceptual, and lyrical components of tracks seven through eleven from my bootleg album, which were recorded at my 21st birthday concert at Ratso’s in Chicago on August 29, 1977. I also share the personal and emotionally-driven aspects of why I wrote each of these pieces, and the amazing contributions of my band members.

For more information on “BOOTLEG 21-35,” visit http://www.skafishbootleg.com/

The piece was filmed and edited by Guy Rhodes.

Special Thanks: Scott Cameron, Glinda Harrison, and to the band: Larry Mazalan, Karen Winner, David Prochazka, Greg Sarchet, and Larry Mysliwiec

I hope you enjoy the story — Skafish

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