Finally, BOOTLEG 21-35 is available!

Today, 35 years from the day of the original concert, the first ever live Skafish concert is now available digitally. There are many exciting things that I wish to share with you about the project, so here we go:

First, you can find everything you need regarding the bootleg at the website In the spirit of a DYI fanzine, Glinda Harrison and I launched the site today, because I wanted all of you to have a place to go for all things BOOTLEG 21-35. As time goes on, the website will be expanding.

For now, here’s what you’ll find there:

A link to listen to the entire album (complete tracks)

Read all of the lyrics, and discover the band personnel for each track

Watch the commentary videos from the project along with other Skafish videos

Choose your buying options from iTunes,,, and Facebook

Regarding pricing, I know how hard it can be for any of us out there, so I set it up for you to be able to download the entire bootleg, which is over 2 hours and 13 minutes long, for $6.99 from iTunes,, and Facebook. Individual downloads are selling on those sites for .69 cents per track. This way, the double-length digital album should be affordable to anyone who wishes to own it.

FYI, sets their own prices, and at this point, they are selling the entire album for $8.99, which is still reasonable for a double-length digital recording. At the bottom of the Amazon page, there is a link whereby you can let them know about the bootleg being sold elsewhere for a lower price. Feel free to report that to Amazon.

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From the original concert the day I turned 21, to the utter surprise of receiving a copy of the tapes in late 2008, to getting all of the technical stuff in order, I am thrilled to be able to share such a milestone, not only of my personal experience, but of the groundbreaking, limits-shattering, and innovative art my band and I brought into cultural consciousness. It was a time then, and it still stands the test of time here and now!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me!


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