About Those Skafish Fan Videos…

On March 9, 2012, I asked all of you if you wanted me to release a live audio bootleg recording of my 21st birthday concert performed at Ratso’s in Chicago on August 29, 1977. Since I was so thrilled with the videos I received from all over the world, I decided to put together a clip of everyone’s contributions. I’ve entitled the video: Skafish Superfans Say: “I WANT MY SKAFISH BOOTLEG!” (with
audio clips).

Also included in the clip are two never-before released music
samples of the bootleg concert. One is the first version of the
Skafish classic “Joan Fan Club,” written by me and first performed
by my band and I in 1976. The other is “Let’s Play Doctor,” also
initially written and performed that same year.

Sorry it took a bit to get this posted, but since the videos all
came in different formats, it took some effort to get them all
edited together. To all of you who sent in a video, thanks for
letting your voices be heard! I deeply appreciate it.


Enjoy — Skafish

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