Want Your Skafish Bootleg?

I’ve been thinking about something, and I would like to get your opinion. I now have a Skafish live bootleg recording from 1977 and I’ve been thinking of releasing it. If I put it out there, this would be the first live Skafish album to ever be released.

So, would a live Skafish bootleg album be something that you, the fans, are interested in? If this is something that you want, here’s how I would like for you to let me know. Grab your cell phone, or anything you’d like to make a video with, and record a video of yourself saying: “I WANT MY SKAFISH BOOTLEG!”

You can shout it, scream it, let me know your excitement, or any way you choose to express yourself. Send your video to video@skafish.com over the next few days. I want to use the clips you send me in several videos to promote the bootleg project and you, my friend, get to be disgracefully immortalized!

Everyone who sends in a video also gets entered into a drawing where I’m going to give away several Skafish “WHAT’S THIS FREAKIN’ $%&!?” T-Shirts. This is a rare shirt that has never been sold. Only a few people currently have them, and I get asked for them all the time. I had just 300 of these shirts made, and there will be no more manufactured, ever. Keep in mind that by submitting your video, you’re giving me the legal permission to use it.

So, send me those videos to video@skafish.com!


4 Replies to “Want Your Skafish Bootleg?”

  1. jimmy,
    you got bootleg? and you have been holding out on us, the true believers? i don’t have access to video so i shout at the top of my lungs….release any and all you’ve got… the music must be heard.

  2. Timmy! I became aware of the tapes much later down the road — I hear ya! If you know someone with a cell phone, send us you! Jimmy

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