I Am #3

It’s that time of year again, and this time around, I wanted to try something a little bit different. Since this is my third annual holiday giveaway contest, I dubbed it “I Am #3,” where I’m giving away these three items to the grand prize winner:

*A $100.00 Amazon.com gift certificate (which the winner can spend any way they wish),

*An autographed copy of my first ever holiday jazz album: “Tidings Of Comfort And Joy – A Jazz Piano Trio Christmas,” and

*A never-before-sold autographed poster for the album!

In addition to the grand prize, ten other lucky winners will each receive an autographed copy of the “Tidings” CD sent to their door, completely on me, completely for FREE — and everyone throughout the world is eligible to enter!

Here is something else that makes this contest special: When the album was originally recorded at Chicago Recording Company (CRC Studios) in Chicago Illinois, we filmed a 30 second promo clip on December 3, 2005. This video has never been seen before, and it will be first unveiled for this contest.

Featuring a medley of my arrangements to “Deck The Halls” and “Joy To The World,” I didn’t edit it from the existing album recordings. My rhythm section and I just sat down and recorded the music for the spot as its own new piece, so that is also something everyone will be experiencing for the first time. To complete the video clip, I recently recorded a new voice-over on September 7, 2011 at Thunderclap Recording Studios in Hammond, Indiana.

Here’s the video:

Here are the ways to enter the contest and its rules:
If you want to enter the contest, it is mandatory that you leave a comment on this contest post that features the video. Your comment will count for one entry.

The contest will run from November 15, 2011 through December 1, 2011. The winners will be randomly selected by December 3, 2011, and will be announced as soon as all winners have confirmed their prize. For this contest, each contestant is eligible to only win once.

In addition to the mandatory comment required, here are additional ways for you to enter the contest where you can gain more entries. First, for any of these additional entry options to count, you must leave a comment on this contest post which indicates all of the additional places and ways that you have entered, and the link(s) for your entry/entries to be verified.

You can leave a comment on any or all of these sites in response to the posted video. Each of these places that you leave a comment on will count for one more entry:

*You Tube: YouTube.com/Skafish YouTube.com/LaBefanaRecords

*Facebook: Facebook.com/SkafishFacebook.com/SkafishHolidayFacebook.com/JimSkafish

*MySpace: MySpace.com/SkafishMySpace.com/LabefanaRecords

*Google+: Google+ SkafishGoogle+ JimSkafishGoogle+ Skafish Holiday  Google+ LaBefanaRecords  

*Twitter: You can post a link to the video and tweet a comment from your Twitter account. You will be able to post the video to Twitter via: YouTube – Vimeo – Ustream – Justin.tv – Twitlens – Twitvid

Follow and Like:
You can Follow and/or Like “Skafish” as indicated below, and each of these options will count for one more entry:

*Faceboook: You can Like these Facebook pages: Facebook.com/SkafishHolidayFacebook.com/Skafish

*Google+: You can Follow me at: Google+SkafishHolidayGoogle+Skafish Google+LaBefanaRecords

*Twitter: You can Follow me at: Twitter.com/SkafishTwitter.com/LaBefanaRecords

Sign up for my newsletter:
You can sign up for my newsletter at any or all of the addresses below, and you will gain one entry by doing so:




*La Befana Records

*829 Records

Embed the Video and write a post about it:

*You can embed the video and write a post about it on your website, on your blog, and on your Facebook pages as many times as you wish. By doing so, you will gain a total of five entries.

I am thrilled to be able to offer this contest to all of you, and I deeply appreciate everyone who has bought the CD and the digital album. If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to leave a positive review for “Tidings” on such sites as iTunes, Amazon.com, cdbaby.com, and anywhere else you feel moved to. I hope you enjoy the contest, and the best of luck to everyone.

To a fantastic holiday season for all! – Skafish

(FYI, Amazon.com ships to practically every country in the world, but if you’re concerned over whether they would ship to your country or not, you can click here to make sure.) 


61 Replies to “I Am #3”

  1. Definitely sounds like an intimate album. I’m thrilled to hear how well these piano pieces mix with the typical Skafish-touch. Interesting how you’ve come to do such different things, not only IN every single album, but also every release is so unrecognisably different. I can’t believe this is made by the man who did the Skafish lp (i wish there was a cd version of that lp)
    I’ve signed up for the 5 newsletters after following you and being a fan on facebook (I removed my account, unfortunately, guess i’m a social paria)
    I’ve embedded the promo video on your last.fm page (shouldn’t be too hard to find out which user I am)!
    great initiative, I wish you a great holiday season as well!
    Belgium’s biggest skafish fan

  2. Im one of those who get disturbed by winter holidays, but the short video points to a lively pick me up. Thanks.

  3. We will make it a priority to play your CD before Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and the Christmas at Kmart song. Thanks!

  4. Hello Jim. This is a great idea and a brilliant way to promote. I’m not much on commenting, posting, etc…but I suppose it only takes one entry to win, yes? Anyway, I remember you from from the Urgh days an was pleasantly surprised to see you’re still at it. Also hilarious that I recently watched a YouTube video of Cheap Trick trick circa 1978 and Rick does the “sign of the cross” during ‘Elo Kiddies so it all makes sense now after reading your history.Anyway the holiday cd sounds fantastic. Really nice. Ok so best of luck to me (!). E

  5. Your inner light and spirit shine in your jazz interpretation of these beloved Christmas songs ~ you are a gift. . .

  6. Thanks for making another contest, no matter what it always brightens up the holidays to hear some great music! : )

  7. Always thought you were ahead of your time Jim..Please keep playing music..Happy Holidays to you and yours…

  8. People always ask me “What’s a SkaFish”?
    I have to just laugh, and give them the story of Chicago Punk Rock and the best times we all
    had then! Love ya Jimmy SkaFish!

  9. The talent you infuse into your music comes back as magic to our ears. Tidings of Comfort and Joy to all !

  10. okay….just in case the first comment didn’t make it in…Here is my latest entry: JIM YOU ROCK and I SO WANT your autographed XMAS CD to JAM TO for the HOLIDAYS! I really HOPE this is MY year–I’ve tried all three! Merry Xmas !! 🙂

  11. Sooo looking foward to getting an autographed Holiday Jazz CD! Reminicing on the old days @ Lucky’s Bar in East Chicago. Godspeed Jim, break all kinds of legs brother! U always Rock!!! 3rd times a charm, hope I win!

  12. This is MY favorite Holiday CD. And you were my favorite artist growing up! Thanks for staying relevant.

  13. I saw you a couple times” back in the day ” One of the times was at Lucky’s in E.C. (George & Irene) Had to be 91 or 92. I heard that George passed away???
    Do you know anything about Irene? As a matter of fact, I was the doorman that night. Sandy Krupa was drumming for you that night. I heard she passed away too??? I was away from the area from 94 to 2009 so STILL catching up on the news about certain people. You and I had a brief but interesting conversation that night during one of your breaks. This facebook thing is amazing isn’t it?

  14. A wonderful release Jim!
    We don’t get older, we get better. Life’s jouneys lead us to places we’ve never imagined.
    I’ll add some of it to the ‘Secret Weapon’ show!

  15. Happy Holidays Jim!!!

    I am the #3 kid in my family…third born that is…so perhaps this will bring me luck!!

    yer pal,

    Patrick M.

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