I Hate the Holiday Blues 2010 Skafish Giveaway!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Skafish Holiday Giveaway. Hey, since all of us can say, “I Hate The Holiday Blues!” l wanna splash some Surreal-Skafish-Sunshine on you with this 2-for-1 giveaway!Jazz CD front cover

For this holiday season, FIVE lucky winners will each win two Skafish CD’s. 

The first CD, “Tidings of Comfort and Joy – a Jazz Piano trio Christmas,” was my first holiday jazz record ever. It is great for those of us who are tired of the same ole’ holiday schmaltz, and love jazz. 

coverThe second, “What’s This? 1976-1979,” is a classic retrospective disc which documents the historically accurate birth of the Chicago punk, new-wave, alternative, indie and experimental movements.  

 “Tidings” has over 68 minutes of pure jazz set to classic holiday melodies, featuring a dynamic trio of piano, bass and drums. My arrangements incorporate diverse styles including traditional jazz, swing, be-bop, boogie-woogie, to experimental jazz fusion.

“What’s This?” features 11 tracks, 9 of which are previously unreleased. Also, it includes 5 bonus commentary tracks that I did to finally set the ever-contorted record straight, liner notes written by international rock legends Cheap Trick, a 36 page booklet with complete lyrics, and many rare and never before seen photos.  

skafish_tshirt_2In addition, a SIXTH bonus winner will win a yet-to-be sold Skafish “WHAT’S THIS FREAKIN’ S&*^!”  T-Shirt! Since this lovely gem is not sold in stores anywhere, it is one of our most frequently requested items.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is to leave the comment, “Ditch the holiday blues” here on my blog www.skafishblog.com. Keep in mind that everyone is allowed just one entry and, unlike last year’s contest, NO entries will be accepted that are posted anywhere else. That includes on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, so make sure to leave your comment ONLY here on www.skafishblog.com! This contest is open to absolutely everyone in every country on this planet!

The contest begins Sunday 12-5-10, and concludes Friday 12-17-10 at 6:00 PM Central Time. All SIX winners will then be randomly selected, and their prizes will be sent to their doorstep completely on me, and hopefully, make the holidays a little less blisteringly bluesy and a bit brighter!

Disgracefully yours!


86 Replies to “I Hate the Holiday Blues 2010 Skafish Giveaway!”

  1. Ditch the holiday blues

    Just thank God you’re not in Scotland…..Frozen bluesy, it’s -25*C (that’s like -1000*F in the States) Ha, why should I care? It’s a blazing 25*C in NZ…. feels hotter. We don’t do a white Christmas….

  2. “Ditch the Holiday blues”

    It is great to hear from you after so much time, Merry Christmas to you, all your family and friends .
    I loved hearing about the great news that you have a new cd and that you are going to give a few away, what a great gesture !

  3. How I wish I could Ditch the holiday blues since I lost my love in a motorcycle wreck. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Skafish !

  4. “Ditch the holiday blues” and that awful little guitar twang in “Jingle Bell Rock”. Heard a fairly interesting “Bells Of Christmas” today, but heck you’d have to be real d–k to screw that one up! Have no idea who it was.

    Gotta get back to my left-overs and boiled custard.

    Hope the holidays are good to you.


  5. Ditch the holiday blues and listen to “Tidings of Comfort and Joy – A Jazz Piano Trio Christmas”.

  6. Ditch the holiday blues!

    (Any of the prizes would be an appreciated complement to my copy of your 1980 IRS vinyl with all the lyrics on the sleeve!)

  7. Ditch the holiday blues

    I am a pharmacy tech at a terrible retail chain and I could use some good tunes to cheer me up after A) hearing all the lame holiday music piped into the store and B) dealing with all the crazy housewives coming in to get their “mother’s little helpers” to get them through the holidays.

  8. “Ditch the holiday blues”, still crossing my fingers for the day when the Urgh! version of Sign of the Cross is available on CD and/or iTunes. Still dreaming!

  9. Could you please Ditch the holiday blues? (unless that’s a new genre like Chicago, Texas and Delta but with a holiday theme!)

  10. Ditch the Holiday Blues!! Great to hear you still creating. After I was in Shadows with jimi sohns, would come to see you at the clubs in chicago, you were superb. Found a live show of yours late 70s with jimi singing Gloria with your band, gave him a copy for the archives. Love the christmas cd, well done!

  11. “Ditch the holiday blues”

    I kept hearing songs from “Tidings of Comfort and Joy – a Jazz Piano trio Christmas” on Pandora and had to find out more. Its great!




  13. To everyone! Entries to the contest are now closed. No other entries to the contest posted after my comment here will be counted. Thanks to all for entering! Jim Skafish

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