Two Winners: Two Skafish Contests!


Jim Ryan tshirt pic4To all of my disgraced family: Here are two winners from two Skafish contests!

First, we have Jim Ryan from Chicago,  who is proudly wearing his “WHAT’S THIS FREAKIN’ $%&!?” Skafish T-Shirt which he won in that giveaway contest. Jim, who loves music that defiles the straight and narrow, attended his first Skafish show in the mid 1970’s, and has been a fan ever since!

In this pic, we see Jim sporting his conversation starting, (or ending, depending on how squared-pegged one is) Skafish T-Shirt in Record Breakers, a FAB independent record store located in Chicago that is selling the Skafish “What’s This? 1976-1979” CD.

gabriella hanstein prize pic compressed

Second, we have Skafish contest winner Gabriella Hanstein from Kennesaw, Georgia, who won a personally autographed promo copy of the Skafish CD “Wha’t This? 1976-1979” in the “No Liberation Here Day and a Giveaway” contest of July 2010. 

Along with her husband Scotty, they recently found the Skafish IRS Records Debut LP (recorded in 1979), for just a single dollar at American Thrift in Kennesaw, Georgia. In this picture, Scotty is holding the inner sleeve to that subversive classic LP. As Scotty posted on my Skafish Facebook Fan Page, “Every other album was Christian worship music. Truly an amazing find.”  Now I just think that’s a divine act of God Almighty!

To everyone who won, send in pics of you with all of your Skafish prizes, and they will get posted here. To being an utter social outcast and compete disgrace, Skafish

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