And the Winners are…

I love and appreciate all of you and the connection we share (and that’s no show-biz shtick) and want all of you to win. To make sure the contest is fair, a random number generator is used to select winners so everyone has an equal chance of winning!

The winners for the “No Liberation Here Day” (formerly known as Independence Day) contest are:

Steve Mendel of Illinois via Twitter,

Sarah Wilson Andrews of Illinois via Skafish Blog,

Gerard-John Boissy of Minnesota via Facebook,

Marc Versini of France via Skafish Blog,

Bambi Held of New Jersey via Facebook,

Boris Boden of Illinois via MySpace,

Dana Zwerling of Illinois via Facebook,

Bob Prescott of Indiana via Skafish Blog,

Wayne Aitken of Illinois via MySpace,

Gabriella Hanstein of Georgia via Facebook.

Since I started the Skafish Giveaway contests during the holiday season of 2009, this current contest has had the strongest response so far, and I plan on continuing to offer gifts and prizes to everyone in my disgraced family. — Jim Skafish

8 Replies to “And the Winners are…”

  1. Larry! Appreciate your thoughts. I also luv the CD and am happy it finally has seen the light of day! Jim

  2. I know there’s at least a couple of winners who wouldn’t mind if you threw in a free bra with their prize.

  3. I Erin Go Braless whenever I can, so you can fling my free bra to John C. if you like. Make it something really pointy, with lots of hooks and underwire!

    Love ya, Jim! Bambi

  4. Thanks Jim.
    Continued success, and may we all keep the “Jaws of Life” prying open the closed minds.

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