Win the ultimate Skafish What’s This press kit!

Welcome to Week 6 of the 7 week Skafish 2009 holiday season giveaway contests.

Week 5 was frenetically fantastic and here are the winners: Bob Pittenger, Michael (MySpace), Peterpeter, Van Pudlo, and Larry Leibowitz. If you haven’t won yet, do keep on entering as there are brand new prizes to win over the next 2 weeks with only 2 more contests left!

Remember that I have always seen the future and still do so — and this prize is living proof of that musical prophecy.

Here in Week 6, I am giving away the biggest, the baddest, and the last of the four What’s This? 1976-1979 prizes for this holiday contest giveaway. This FREE collectible has everything and then some.

Along with all that is mentioned below, 5 lucky people will be the first to ever receive a Skafish What’s This? 1976-1979 sticker that NO ONE on earth has yet, plus a Skafish What’s This? 1976-1979 Post Card that you can send to family and friends for a little holiday cheer, loll!

In addition to all of that, how would you like to win an autographed, COMPLETE retail What’s This? 1976-1979 CD with a 36 page booklet that has rare and never before seen photos…? That’s not all – it comes in a specially designed custom high end folder with a cut-to-fit pocket that snuggly holds the CD in place featuring the divine drawing of yours truly on the folder cover as seen on this post by New York artist Robert Mag.

sign_of_cross mag drawingHow about reading several of the things I did first as an artist where I saw the future and had the guts to bring it into physical manifestation against all odds, along with many things that I did as one of the first artists ever on earth, as revolution has always been my game, not pandering to fame and being lame…? Wanna a print of me performing live in 1979 as seen on this post taken by legendary rock photographer Paul Natkin…?  

natkin mic shot 1979

Does it sound like fun to be able to read what international rock legends Cheap Trick really wrote about what I did as an artist for the future…? Wanna get inside of my head and see what I saw when I wrote the subversive classics on What’s This? 1976-1979 and hold in your hands the print-out radio received when they were considering giving airplay to this groundbreaking effort…? Having Glinda Harrison’s business card in your wallet is better than an old family portrait of the grandparents, right? Well it looks like this is a package fit for dysfunctional royalty!

People think I’m nuts to give this away, as trust me when I say that there are very few packages of this detail and effort being done as a promotional item by any record companies anymore, even for the biggest artists out there.

Harry Rushakoff, drummer for Concrete Blonde and Special Affect, (a Chicago group that opened for me which had Al Jourgensen, later of Ministry and Groovie Mann, later of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult) was someone who bore witness to the earliest Skafish performances back in the 1970’s. He has referred to me as a “musical prophet,” which has inspired today’s contest phrase!

To be eligible to be a contest winner, here’s all you have to do:

1-Leave a comment on this Week 6 post right here on my blog with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Prophet in it

2-Leave a comment with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Prophet in it on my Facebook pages

3-Leave a comment with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Prophet in it on my MySpace pages

4-On Twitter, Tweet this: Win the ultimate Skafish What’s This press kit!

PLEASE NOTE: Many people have been trying to enter the contest without posting the exact phrase correctly. As I want you to have a chance to win, you must enter the exact phrase Skafish Punk Prophet to be entered in the contest. You can enter once on each site (up to 4 entries per person for each contest). It’s truly that simple to do!

Every Saturday for the remaining 2 weeks, 5 winners will be randomly picked and notified by email. Then, on each Sunday, a new contest will be announced through December 13, 2009, when the contest concludes. Don’t forget that if you win, you can still enter any and all of the remaining holiday season giveaway contests.

What’s This? 1976-1979 is one of many Skafish works that foretold the musical, social and cultural future – and the lyrics, music, styles and attitudes prophetically revealed what was to come by several decades. Now, it is out there for everyone to experience and for you to win as my gift to you – Skafish

44 Replies to “Win the ultimate Skafish What’s This press kit!”

  1. Anyone who listens to this will understand why you are called “Skafish Punk Prophet” you were (& still ARE) way ahead of musical history ! Where you lead others follow, and usually a long time afterward!

  2. Skafish Punk Prophet

    Indeed, a punk prophet. Chicago, and the world, are better off for the great music of Jim Skafish!!!!

  3. Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..
    Skafish Punk Prophet …………..

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