Skafish Bootleg: The Final Decision

First, I want to thank everyone who sent me emails and left comments regarding the Kickstarter project not reaching its funding goal. Your well-wishes and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. As I said in my last post on June 24, 2012, you wouldn’t hear from me for a while, because I needed to take a break and regroup. Then, I would make my final decision regarding whether the bootleg was going to be released or not.

After looking at all the options, sorting through everything that has happened, and deciding what the bottom line is, I have made my decision: I am going to release the bootleg in a digital-only format. The release date of the project will be August 29, 2012, which is its 35th anniversary to the day. (The album will also include 8 brand new commentary tracks that I recently recorded.) For all of you who are interested in the project, please sign up for my free mailing list at and you will be notified first of any and all developments.

I ultimately made the decision to move forward with the bootleg project because I feel that this concert is simply far too valuable of a work to not share it with my fans, and with those who like genre-defining and genre-defying underground rock. The performance of my band is flawless, as it always was, and filled with both cathartic angst and primal intensity from beginning to end. Add in the reverent audience reaction, and this was a night that deserves to be celebrated forever. For me personally, it represents the milestones of turning 21 (the day of the original concert), and now, being able to release it on my birthday 35 years later.

As I said before, this will be the first-ever live Skafish album, and it will feature 27 songs, including 15 original Skafish compositions that have never been released in any form prior. Also, the record will have my first release of a cover song, which is the legendary Bobby Darin classic, “Splish Splash.” The 8 new commentary tracks that are included will tell the historical back-story of that time period, the songs, the project, and how it all came together.

Depending on what level of interest the bootleg garners, I will possibly consider releasing it in physical formats in the future. That could include limited edition vinyl releases, as well as a CD package. We’ll see what happens.

Through the process, I have taken inspiration from this quote by Winston Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” What keeps the bootleg alive is my continued enthusiasm and passionate commitment to its phenomenal performance, its message, and the revolutionary spirit of its origin. I’m looking forward to this recording finally coming out from the shadows and into the light for everyone to hear and share. I hope that all of you enjoy experiencing this record as much as I do. It is music at its very bravest. — Skafish

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