Bootleg project not funded/what’s next?

I just wanted to let everyone know that the project to fund my historic 1977 bootleg concert to celebrate my 21st birthday at Ratso’s in Chicago was not funded. To all of you who pledged, that means that you won’t be charged anything.

First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who pledged to the project. The fact that many of you contributed your money to funding the bootleg means a lot to me. Also, to those of you who wanted to pledge to the project, but just didn’t have the money, I appreciate your intentions and well-wishes. I completely get how hard it is out there for many of us to just survive. I know it, because I have lived through debilitating poverty at different points in my own journey.

Since every Skafish record that has ever been released since the 1970’s has yet to financially break even (yet alone make a profit), I thought it would be great if the bootleg project could at least, pay for itself. That, along with my desire to give my fans the chance to participate in the process, were the reasons for the Kickstarter campaign. I have been, and continue to be passionately committed to my art, but it’s hard always going into serious debt with each project.

Of course, I feel the disappointment of the project not getting funded, but I am also grateful for all I’ve learned. I’ve always believed in taking chances and trying new things that could invigorate the process of all I do.

At this time, I need to take a break, regroup, go through whatever emotions are there, and ultimately, decide if the bootleg project can be salvaged on any level. So you won’t hear from me for a while, but when things are clear to me and I know in my heart the right thing to do, I will let everyone know. Till then, thanks again for your support and for sharing this experience with me! — Skafish

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  1. Dear Jim,

    I’m sorry that there were not enough pledges. Have you considered the possibility of getting the old gang back for a fundraising concert? Or perhaps a cocktail party fundraiser? It isn’t the usual route for fundraising, but it might work. (Think of the mark-up on alcohol.)

    As you go through the process of sorting your thoughts and emotions, please remember that though one approach didn’t work as you would have liked, this effort doesn’t reflect on you and your brilliance. All it reflects is that not enough people knew of your effort. Next time will be different because of the knowledge gained from your experience. When we stop learning, we die. You have a great opportunity to live. I’ll look forward to watching you bounce back!


  2. Katherine! Your words are appreciated. I just posted today that I’m going to be able to release the bootleg digitally! God to hear from you — Jim

  3. Tracy! From Wild Noght – How cool! Thanks for your support. As I just commented, the bootleg is going to be released digitally! I did a post earlier here on the blog. Enjoy — JIm

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