Only 1 week left to go for Kickstarter bootleg project!

I’ve been trying to keep everyone updated as to how the “I WANT MY SKAFISH BOOTLEG!” project is going. So I thought you might be interested in this brand new behind the scenes video where I discuss the making of the bootleg, its history, and the Kickstarter project to fund its release. I think you’ll really enjoy this new video clip which was filmed and edited by Guy Rhodes.



If you’ve already financially contributed to the project, I deeply appreciate your support. If you haven’t yet, now is absolutely the time to do so, because the fundraising campaign only has one week left to go. If you would truly like to see this innovative and groundbreaking 1977 live concert released and in your hands, this project must be completely funded by Sunday, June 24th, at 1:47 PM Central Time.

I really need your financial help to make this happen. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated, and please spread the word! To learn more about this project and how you can participate in funding it, click here.

Thank you — Skafish

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