Why $15, 000…?

I just got an email from someone who really wants my 21st bootleg birthday concert to be released, but he was wondering why it would cost as much as $15,000 to manufacture just two thousand CDs? That’s a fair question, so I thought I would let all of you know where the money would go.

These are all the things that your money would pay for, and let me assure you that I put a lot of thought into the amount I’m asking for, did the math over and over again, and $15, 000 just covers all of the expenses. 

Here is a list of everything that the money would pay for: 

*Manufacturing the two CD set with digipack

*Studio cost of recording new commentary tracks to be included in the CD package

*Filming the recording of the new commentary tracks to be posted online in videos

*Mastering the music

*Licensing costs for the cover song which is in the concert, the Bobby Darin classic, Splish Splash

*Domestic shipping costs for the rewards (I added some extra cost for international shipping, because it is quite high)

*The materials needed to ship them properly (Envelopes, labels and packaging materials)

*Photo licenses for the project

*Designing the artwork for the CD packaging

*Manufacturing high quality T-shirts (individually bagged) that are part of the Kickstartrer rewards

*Kickstarter and Amazon payment fees (These amount to 8-10% of the project funding, which is about $1500)

If somebody doesn’t feel that this is the right project for them to back, then of course, they shouldn’t get involved. This is certainly not an attempt for me to make a profit off of your backs, disguised as the cost of getting a project out there. I just wanted to clarify what the situation really was and where the money would go. I care deeply about this project, but it has to be able to pay for itself. 

Again, your support would be greatly appreciated — Skafish

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