2 pictures from 2 winners!

The winners came from all over the world for the 2010 “I Hate The Holiday Blues Giveaway.” Here are some pics that were sent in:

First, here is Richard Morris of the Netherlands sporting his two personally autographed Skafish CD prizes: “Tidings of Comfort & Joy-a Jazz Piano Trio Christmas,”   and “What’s This? 1976 – 1979.”   The photo is taken in front of The Hague’s Holland Spoor train station.

2010 Giveaway Morris

Secondly, we have two personally autographed CD prizes in this photo taken by lucky winner and devoted fan, Ressie Richards of Indiana.

2010 Giveaway richards

To everyone who entered, thanks of participating, and keep an eye out for the next Skafish giveaway! — Skafish

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