Attention all rejects: Win this free book!

oprlI’ve been called the king of rejection and alienation (lucky me, lol), and with my complete ostracization from society, I wrote about it, sang about it, and presented it to the world – and got even more rejected in the process. So with my ongoing lifetime of continuous rejection, I think I have something quite appropriate to give to you.

Courtesy of Crown Publishers, I have two copies of a new book to give away to two lucky winners. It is by Bill Shapiro and called Other People’s Rejection Letters, and it contains a history of actual rejection letters received from: The United States Marines, The White House, Various Network Television Shows, Nasa, Playboy, the New York Times, and much more. You’ll even find those classic plain old “I’m dumping you, loser” rejection letters included for your voyeuristic pleasures.

This is a very well put together hardcover book that is visually like a surreal kaleidoscope of rejection after rejection. Thick paper, accurate reproduction of the letters, and the diversity of being dissed, make this book a real treat for any of us who have been thrown under the bus.

To be eligible to be a contest winner, do the following:

1-Leave a comment here on with the exact phrase I been rejected in it
2-Leave a comment with the exact phrase I been rejected in it on my Facebook pages
3-Leave a comment with the exact phrase I been rejected in it on my MySpace pages
4-On Twitter, Tweet this: @skafish, I been rejected

You can enter once on each site, up to 4 total entries per person!

The contest will run for one solid week from Thursday, 6-17-10, through Thursday 6-24-10 at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. Then, two winners will be randomly selected and two copies of the book will be sent out to the winners to cathartically cleanse their own feelings of rejection in the process.

To our continuing connection through rejection! Jim Skafish

Please note: Due to publishing territories, the contest is only open to residents from the United States and Canada.

24 Replies to “Attention all rejects: Win this free book!”

  1. I been rejected so many times, my cats use me as a scratching post when I bend over, not a pretty site 🙁

    Hail to the Skafish !

  2. I been rejected.

    I was going to add all the ways and all the contexts and all that, but those three words should suffice. I been rejected. Oh yeah.

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