Win a FREE Skafish What’s This? PROMO press kit with CD!

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Welcome to Week 5 of the 7 week Skafish 2009 holiday season giveaway contests.

Week 4 was a very punky party and the 5 winners will be posted here by the evening of Sunday 11-29-09. If you haven’t won yet, do keep on entering as there are brand new prizes to win over the next 3 weeks with 3 more contests left!

For Week 5, I have a collector’s item that will blow Santa’s reindeer right into the Skafish stratosphere. It is an extremely rare, yet to ever be sold high end custom designed Skafish What’s This? 1976-1979 promotional press kit with promo CD!

Keep in mind that there are very few records ever released that change the course of musical and cultural history; rarer yet are the number of records that have already changed history BEFORE they were even released. Such was the case when What’s This? 1976-1979 was dropped out of the freakish ether and onto a mundane earthly world on April 1, 2008. As a record that not only historically accurately documents the birth of Chicago’s punk, new wave, alternative, indie and experimental movements, Polygram Records executive Billy Cox said to me in the 1980’s, “I think you started alternative music worldwide.”

As the CEO of my own record company who plans and foots the bill for the party, I decided to create a spectacular promotional item to introduce this record to the world and right now you can win one of these pieces. This item is extremely rare as it was only offered to very select press and radio people and has yet to ever be available for sale so it can’t be bought – only WON! This week, 5 lucky people will win this rare promotional collector’s item and here’s the goodies:

*An autographed PROMO copy of the CD: What’s This? 1976-1979.

*A high end, custom designed folder with a special pocket that snuggly holds the CD in place.

*A caricatured drawing of Skafish on the front cover folder by New York artist Robert Mag.

*A print of a live photo taken of Skafish by famed photographer Paul Natkin while Skafish was on tour with Iggy Pop in 1979.

*The complete liner notes written by international rock music legends Cheap Trick.

*Track summaries, which offer insights into the tracks on the record.

*Skafish Firsts, which lists many of the innovations and sensibilities that Skafish first introduced to the world.

*Skafish: One of the first…. features many aesthetics that Skafish did as one of the first ever.

*Skafish – An overview, which showcases a fascinating look into the rich, multi-faceted and genre defying history of Skafish.

*A radio one sheet, designed for radio only.

*A business card of Glinda Harrison, Vice President of 829 Records.

Whether you’re a longtime Skafish fan, someone who’s recently discovered my world, or a person who simply hates formulaic music, this is not just a great record, but a historical experience. If you wanna have a very punky party, crank up the music that blows up old ladies’ dresses, shake up church and state and get blasted right out of the mundane and into my world, this is the prize for you.

To be eligible to win, here’s all you have to do:
1-Leave a comment on this post with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Party in it here on
2-Leave a comment with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Party in it on my Facebook pages
3-Leave a comment with the exact phrase Skafish Punk Party in it on my MySpace pages
4-On Twitter, Tweet this: Win a FREE Skafish What’s This PROMO press kit with CD!

You must enter the exact phrase Skafish Punk Party to be entered in the contest. You can enter once on each site (up to 4 entries per person for each contest). It’s literally that utterly simple to do!

Every Saturday for the remaining 3 weeks, 5 winners will be randomly picked and notified by email. Then, on each Sunday, a new contest will be announced through December 13, 2009, when the contest concludes. Don’t forget that if you win, you can still enter any and all of the remaining holiday season giveaway contests.

I feel lit up and electrified every time I think about this project, as not only does it contain the music that Cheap Trick said “started it all,” but is that rarest of records that transformed everything forever – Skafish

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  1. Not to be selfish, but I want one so bad, my mom went to Bishop Noll High School with you and she told me all about you, so I really want to have something of yours!! Please?

  2. All I want for Christmas nad birthday is my Skafish Punk Party ! Thank you for letting me get that out of my system !

  3. To Selene Martin – To set the record straight, I knew Joe Bac in high school, but did not play in his band. Jim Skafish

  4. Great promotion. I would enter but I don’t think it would be fair. Sure is nice to see my illustration being put to more good use. Best of luck with everything!!

  5. SkAfiSh PUnK pARtY

    and if I remember correctly Wazmo Nariz was also at the SkaFish Chicago Fest @ Navy Pier that got inturrupted by those snagly Scorpien Fans, who proably watch American Idol now religously…

    Please give us an encore Jim!!!

  6. How about an encore of Wazmos “Wack Wack Wack Wacker Drive”

    What could match that?

    Driving on LSD? (lake shore drive)

    We sure could use more parties……

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