Win a FREE COMPLETE autographed Skafish What’s This? CD!

coverWelcome to Week 4 of the 7 week Skafish 2009 holiday season giveaway contests:

Week 3 was an incredible, fun giveaway contest and here are the Week 3 winners:  Michelle Creasey,  Bill “Mr. Bill” Gowdy, Benito Herrera, Aaron Smith, and Michael P. If you haven’t won yet, keep on entering as there are 4 more weeks with 4 more contests coming!

For Week 4, I have another phenomenal item for 5 people to win. It is a complete autographed retail CD copy of the Skafish release, What’s This? 1976-1979, which comes in a 6 panel digi pack with a 36 page booklet, featuring many rare and never before seen photos, complete lyrics, and liner notes written by rock legends Cheap Trick.

As this record documents the historically accurate birth of the Chicago punk, new wave, alternative, indie and experimental movements, it was perfect for Cheap Trick to write the liner notes, because unlike so many others in Chicago who state falsehoods and half truths as history, Cheap Trick WERE actually there multiple times at the earliest Skafish shows beginning in 1976. In the liner notes, Cheap Trick credit the music on What’s This? 1976-1979 as “the music that started it all.” With being international rock legends who had nothing to gain by doing so, they agreed to pen the liner notes completely for free, and didn’t request anything in return. Also, this may be the first time ever where the liner notes for a project were written by another artist more famous than the actual one who made the record.

Through the years, I wasn’t sure if these recordings would ever get released, as by the time What’s This? 1976-1979 was finally given its mutant birth on April 1, 2008, it had been over 30 years in the making, starting with the first 4 songs on the CD being recorded and mixed on August 26, 1976. With all of the master tapes thought to be lost, the last tape was accidentally found in October 2006. I also needed a lot of people to sign off on this which is not always an easy thing to get done, so seeing it pop out of the birth canal was nothing short of a Catholic (I’m momentarily forgiven for my sins) miracle, lol!

Just like the promo product, this complete retail CD also contains 11 songs, 9 previously unreleased and 5 additional commentary tracks done by me, which offers a complete listening experience of 16 tracks totaling 63:07. If you’re a winner, you’ll see that this is a package fit for a hermaphroditic king which would never have been done by a major label as it would have cost way too much for an artist as out there as me. Since I paid for this project, I spared no expense in the creation of this historic release.

If you want to really experience what went down back in the day, read the lyrics that are still challenging and relevant by today’s social standards, hear music which possesses a level of virtuosity, precision, energy and genius rarely seen in popular culture and a project that is still beyond the aesthetics of where music has progressed to today, this is a must have CD for you.

To be eligible to win, here’s all you have to do:
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You must enter the exact phrase Skafish 1976 to be entered in the contest. You can enter once on each site (up to 4 entries per person for each contest). It’s truly that easy!

Every Saturday for the remaining 4 weeks, 5 winners will be randomly picked and notified by email. Then, on each Sunday, a new contest will be announced through December 13, 2009, when the contest concludes. Don’t forget that if you win, you can still enter each of the remaining holiday season giveaway contests.

Even though this record took over 3 decades to get out there, I refused to give up on it, and as tough as it has been to go through the experience, it was well worth it in the end to have such a wondrous “unlike anything else ever made” record – Skafish

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  1. Skafish 1976, I remember it like yesterday ! WAIT ! IT WAS YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the memories, Skafish !

  2. SkAfISh 1976

    Remember when Cheap Trick was the house band at Beginnings in Schaumburg?

    Love you sweet home Chicago


  3. thank you jim for the things you have done creatively.
    they have indeed impacted me.
    Skafish 1976 and well into the future…

  4. Skafish 1976…… What’s This? 1976-1979………. If I could win one, I’d know for sure! Hey Jim, what ever you do, don’t let Kopko kill himself…. Give him mine if you must, but please, I really want one too!!!!!

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