Win a FREE Skafish Holiday Jazz PRESS KIT with CD!

Welcome to Week 2 of the 7 week Skafish 2009 holiday season giveaway contests:

Week 1 was a great success, a lot of fun and here are the winners: Tony M, Cheri Kerr-Smith Schoen, David Van Puffelen, Mikael Dehn, and LarryL. There is a new contest each week for the next 6 weeks, and we’ll be giving away a lot of new goodies. Everyone is eligible again, so keep on entering!

For Week 2, I have an incredible Skafish item to giveaway to 5 lucky people.  It is a custom designed, extremely rare, Press Kit for my first Holiday Jazz CD: Tidings of Comfort and Joy – a Jazz Piano Trio Christmas. Even if you already have the CD, this press kit is a great collectible, and here are the complete details of the prize that 5 people will win in Week 2:

*An autographed retail copy of the CD: Tidings of Comfort and Joy – a Jazz Piano Trio Christmas.

*A high end, custom designed folder with a special pocket that snuggly holds the CD in place.

*A photo of Skafish.

*Track summaries (which discuss the various tracks on the record).

*A review of the CD from the prestigious jazz magazine, Jazz Improv.

*“What People are Saying about Skafish,” which lists highlights of over 3 decades of quotes by others about Skafish.

*The original Press Release for the record.

*The history and story of why Skafish named his record company, “La Befana Records.”

*A retail one sheet, designed for retailers only.

*A business card of Glinda Harrison, Vice President of La Befana Records.

To be eligible to win, here’s all you have to do: Leave a comment with the words Skafish Jazz Mania in response to this post here on my blog, my Jim Skafish or my Skafish Band Facebook page, or my MySpace Skafish page.

On Twitter, Tweet this: Win a FREE Skafish Holiday Jazz PRESS KIT with CD!

You can enter once on each site (up to 5 entries per person for each contest). It’s that easy to do!

Each Sunday through December 13, 2009, a new contest will be announced and keep in mind that if you win, you can still enter each of the remaining 6 holiday season giveaway contests.

Hey, they used to call me Mutant Elvis, because I love to give things away. There are no pink Cadillacs yet, but we can still have some fun! – Skafish

53 Replies to “Win a FREE Skafish Holiday Jazz PRESS KIT with CD!”

  1. Skafish Jazz Mania
    I’m actually glad now that I didn’t win week one because a win for week two would be even better

  2. Hiya Jim!

    WOW! How exciting!

    I would LOVE to win this!
    Hearing you do Xmas rendtions has to be unlike any of my other Xmas CD!s–and I have a few.
    I STILL can’t ever get you out of my mind when I attended a jam session in your basement w/Greg S. playing bass.

    You wore a one piece retro bathing suit AND sported a vintage Barbie Case as your matching handbag! What a night!

  3. It seems as though the step from the raw energy of records like “Pure Mania” by the Vibrators to jazz is a huge step.
    On the other hand, why shouldn’ t Skafish try jazz when The Clash did?

  4. “Skafish Jazz Mania” sounds like one of those video games the kids play nowadays. Sign me up for the press kit!

  5. Skafish Jazz Mania-second only to my life changing experience- seeing Skafish in concert at Chicagofest!

  6. Skafish Jazz Mania
    From one BNI grad to another, You are still light years ahead of your time. One day you will get the respect that your music so richly deserves.

  7. Jimmy, I ran into your cousin Bobby last night at the Devo concert. It was great seeing him, because it had been a while. I gave him a big hug. Anyhow, the Devo show was great, they performed their debut LP “Are We Not Men? We are Devo.

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