Call to action-Help stop hunger in less than 5 minutes

In less than 5 minutes, you can help to stop hunger and it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s all you have to do: Go to this webpage, The Hunger Challenge and you will see a list of hunger facts and suggested tweets. Then, just tweet (on Twitter) one of the facts listed on the page and 100 pounds of food for each tweet (a total of 100,000 pounds) will be donated to the San Francisco Food Bank by Tyson Foods for all of September 2009. It is literally that simple.

My longtime associate and partner, Glinda Harrison, wrote a wonderful blog entry about this last night and made me aware of this program. Therefore, I immediately felt compelled to let everyone know ASAP since we’re near the end of the month and running out of time for this great opportunity.

Hunger is something that has touched my life, as not only have my band, associates and I lived through it, but the current government statistics reveal that 1 in every 8 Americans is hungry. That is just too shocking of a figure to be tolerated, especially from what is called “the richest country in the world.”

I would hope that something so fundamental and universal as hunger would motivate everyone to act, regardless of whether they’ve lived through it directly or not. When I heard about this program last night, I started flashing back through the memories of some of my band members and associates who have had to send their children to bed without food, and I recalled the fear, desperation and hopelessness that we graphically experienced. 

In 1982-1983, I remember all of us frantically scraping together change to put gas in the car to be able get to the studio to record the second Skafish album and then eating the cheapest McDonald’s hamburgers we could all afford. Over a decade later, I was so broke and just a few steps away from being out on the street when my former band member Barbie Goodrich ordered a pizza for me on my birthday in 1994 because I hadn’t been able to afford one for years. In the same way I’ve written songs to try and directly confront and heal my pain, these memories I’ve mentioned here provide me with the motivation to make a difference!

Yet, what I’ve been through is not what’s important here, as many of us have suffered. What matters is that we can all do something to help others now! So make sure that you take the less than 5 minutes needed immediately and help to feed those who literally don’t have enough food to survive. This is not just about “pie in the sky” good will, but about living and dying – and you can make a difference! 

Thanks so much for your time and effort!  It is greatly appreciated!  Jim

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  1. I’m doing the poverty thing now, thanks to our great recession. It’s no fun. Pretty miserable really… third time in my life that I’m doing it. Sure hope I can get out of it again this time…

  2. Zippy Pinhead – My heart deeply goes out to you, and my sincerest thoughts of prosperity go out to you now and always! Thanks for your comment, Jim

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