Skafish now on Twitter

I wanted to let everyone know that I just lost my virginity a few moments ago on Twitter by posting my first Tweet, and feel free to follow me there if you would like. Click on this link to sign up!

The challenge for me is going to be to try and say something worthwhile and relevant with only 140 characters per message. It’s sort of like trying to squeeze a symphony into a 3-4 minute pop song. I think I’ve already done that and bet I can again! Skafish

4 Replies to “Skafish now on Twitter”

  1. OMG, you mean I lost it before someone else for a change? Wow. What is up with that crazy 140 character thingie anyway? Dude Peace.

  2. Jeanette! I agree! I’m looking at it as a challenge to say something interesting so quickly, as opposed to that I just ate lunch and the food was tepid — Jim

  3. Tim — I wish I had 140 million characters, but people want their info quickly nowadays! Jim

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